Cliff Jumping in Duluth


When I met Tanner initially I LOVED hearing all about his Minnesotan adventures. Dirt biking, hiking, swimming in lakes and rivers, his childhood was the total opposite of my suburban childhood growing up. One of the most exciting of all the stories I though was cliff jumping. A casual Minnesotan summer pass time that us suburban kids lift one eyebrow at and ask if that is actually a real thing.

Our most recent trip to Minnesota I was actually able to experience it. The sun was high, the air was hot, so rather than just hanging around at our friends home we got up and drove over to some of the local hot spots for cliff jumping in Duluth. The guys started off with a smaller one to get me warmed up to the idea of it, the whole scene was gorgeous. A soft waterfall surrounded by people soaking up the sun and doing flips off of different rocks, some obvious pros, others like me a little more nervous when climbing up to jump.

With the support of our friends and the pressuring eyes of other people at the location I was actually able to do it! I launched myself off the side of the rock and into the dark waters. My jumps a tad less graceful, hence why they are not pictured above.

With no plans for the rest of the day we took our time in the water, checking out the nature, talking to others from the area, a much more relaxed and easy going mind set than what we have in the city. It was nice to sit back, relax and let the day take us where it wanted.